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If your mother ever told you that no one likes an opinionated person, she's obviously not a registered respondent with Recruit & Field!

We're on the hunt for people who aren't shy about sharing their thoughts on everything from politics to shopping to medical services. The more opinions you have, the better!

Recruit & Field coordinates thousands of research projects every year, and pays respondents stipends ranging from $50 to $500 to participate. Sometimes studies are held in a central location, other times we'll come to you, and in many instances everything will be online. While the venue and the topic will change from project to project, the end result is always the same... money in your pocket! How is this possible? Who'd pay cold, hard, cash for my opinion?

It's actually pretty logical. Businesses that sell products and services you see every day want to get and keep your business... And what's the best way to do that? Ask you, directly, what you want! Our clients want to create products, services and advertisements that appeal directly to you, and they're willing to pay for your thoughts to help them do so. Sign up today!


1. Who is Recruit and Field, Inc?
2. What is Market Research?
3. What is a Focus Focus Group?
4. What exactly is this site and why do I have to register?
5. How much will I get paid?
6. Is this website secure?
7. Is there a cost for joining?
8. Can my family members and friends join?
9. How long will it take to join?
10. How do I update my personal information?
11. How can I stop receiving emails from you?
12. What is involved in participating?
13. Why did I receive an email from you?
14. How is my privacy protected?
15. Will you share my information with other companies?
16. Why do we ask for your personal information such as income?
17. I am having technical problems and cannot access my profile. What should I do?
18. How do I get paid for participating?
19. I'm on a do-not-call list. Can I report you?


1. We are an independent market research company that recruits individuals to partake in market research studies.

2. Market research is used to gather information from individuals about their viewpoints, feelings or reactions to advertisements, products, etc. Some market research is sponsored by an advertising agency to help create and develop advertising campaigns. Businesses also use market research to help better understand customers in order to create and produce better products and services.

3. A focus group is a qualitative marketing research technique where a small group of people participate in a discussion that is lead by an experienced moderator. It is an opportunity to express ideas, or concerns, in an open but guided forum. "What do you think?" and "What would you change?" are examples of questions you might hear in a focus group.

4. This site is our registration site. Individuals who have interest in participating in our paid studies must register here. Those who are not registered with our company may not participate in studies that we are coordinating.

5. Compensation ranges depending on the nature of the study. On average a 90 minute to two hour focus group pays between $85 and $100. There are studies that pay less and those that pay more. The more time and effort that is asked of the participants the more they are compensated.

6. As of July of 2011 we have implemented 128 bit encryption on our respondent registration and profile update portal. This is per the request of our valued respondents. If you look at the bottom right of your browser window you will see a yellow lock.

7. There is no cost to join.

8. Of course! Friends and family are welcome to join. You can simply direct them to our site and they can register.

9. The pre-registration page collects all the basic contact and demographic information we need to get started. This takes about 5 minutes. However, completing a full profile (filling out all the sites “Tabs”) will increase your chances of being selected exponentially. This process takes 15-25 minutes. Please also note that you can log-in and update your profile at any time.

10. To update your information is a simple process. Simply click the orange button at the top of this page, enter your email address, and password.

11. If you no longer wish to receive emails from our company simply log-in to you profiles (refer to question 9) and uncheck “Please email me for upcoming groups”.

12. Involvement in a focus group typically requires you to arrive at a location provided by our company where you will partake in a discussion. Discussions typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours. However, we do have studies that run for longer lengths of times including some that run for several days. The more that is involved for the participants the more you are compensated.

13. We sometimes send out email to our registrants asking some basic questions. Your responses to these questions will help us determine if the study is appropriate for you.

14. Your participation in a legitimate research survey is very important to us, and we value the information you provide. Therefore, our relationship will be one of respect and consideration, based on the following practices:
- Your privacy and the privacy of your answers will be respected and maintained.
- Your name, address, phone number, personal information, or individual responses won't be disclosed to anyone outside the research industry without your permission.
- You will always be told the name of the person contacting you, the research company's name and the nature of the survey.
- You will not be sold anything, or asked for money, under the guise of research.
- You will be contacted at reasonable times, but if the time is inconvenient, you may ask to be re-contacted at a more convenient time.
- Your decision to participate in a study, answer specific questions, or discontinue your participation will be respected without question.
- You will be informed in advance if an interview is to be recorded and of the intended use of the recording.
- You are assured that the highest standards of professional conduct will be upheld in the collection and reporting of information you provide.

15. Your name, address, phone number, personal information, or individual responses won't be disclosed to anyone outside the research industry without your permission.

16. Often our clients would like to know how the opinions of people of different ages, backgrounds and income levels compare. People of varying ages and income levels have differing opinions and views on products and services. We want to ensure that we are collecting information from all points of view

17. Call our office at 877.359.7255 and select option 2.